Today is a sad day. Prince, one of the greatest musicians of all time, died today. I don’t know  the details regarding his death, but I do know he died too young at 57.  

One of my first life memories is watching the music video for Little Red Corvette on MTV. That song is still one my favorites of all time. 

I still own a first print of Purple Rain on vinyl. I remember when that album and movie came out in 1984, a pivotal year. Prince was a phenomenon in the the 80s and into the 90s. He went obscure when he changed his name to that symbol but came back full force in the 2000s, in particular during his 2007 Super Bowl halftime performance

I still remember one of my cousins telling me about watching him live in the early 80s. He claimed that they wheeled out a bathtub on stage and Prince took a bath right there on stage. I don’t know if that is true but the story obviously stuck with me. 

I named one of my dogs Prince. He was my favorite dog growing up. I wanted to honor Prince, not insult him, by naming my Weiner dog Prince; I hope not to have offended him. 

How odd that WWE star Chyna also died today. I wonder what that conversation right outside the gates of heaven is like right now. Prince apparently cleaned up his act and became a hardcore Jehovah’s Witness. Chyna, I have no clue about. 


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