I’m Randy Smith. I live in Southern California. And I observe, study and write about many random things that interest me. So random in fact that perhaps my pen name should be “Random Randy Smith”? Ok, lame joke. Apologies. 

My random interests include Los Angeles, film noir, the 1980s (particularly 80s movies and music), transportation, local government, punk rock, writing, time management, movies, entrepreneurship, road trips, food, drink, relationships, day trips and other random things.

So yeah. I’m into a lot of things. Maybe too many things. What can I say? I’m an ENFP (Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception) on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. So it’s hard to stay focused and to limit myself.

One thing I can limit is the amount of my words. My eyes get glassy when I read overly long passages on my phone. And sometimes I just prefer a quick read and hope there are others out there like me interested in quick reads on various topics.  I promise all of my posts will be 500 words or less. I have no clue if any one will ever read a single word of this. And that is ok. I promise those that do I will be brief, informative and sometimes even entertaining.

So for my first random thought/ tidbit, I will honor the upcoming holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. Tonight for dinner I had chicken pho from one of my favorite pho places in Redondo Beach, Pho Show. Without really thinking about it I grabbed a Guinness to drink with dinner. After cracking open the bottle I thought, that was dumb; no way would Guinness go with my chicken pho. Not the way prepare it with lots of lime, hot sauces and garnishes. However, upon taking my first sip I immediately realized how wrong I was. Guinness goes very well with pho. The thickness of the beer balances the hotness of the chili paste, hot sauce and hoisin packed broth.

So on St. Patrick’s Day if you’re sick of corned beef or shepard’s pie stop by your favorite pho place and take some pho home to go with a cold Guinness or two.


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